Passport & Visa

    What is a Visa ?

    VISA is an approval that grants one the permission to travel to other countries and also defines his/her status in that country. There are 2 main kinds of Visas, Immigrant Visa and Non-Immigrant Visa.

    People who are planning to migrate or settle down permanently in a particular country of which they are not currently citizens require the Immigrant Visa. The Non-Immigrant Visa is a temporary Visa, which does not permit one to become a citizen of that country, but he/she can visit that country for a specified time. A student is required to apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa.

    Visa Guidance
    We personally give you an insight into Visa requirements and guides them through the Visa documentation and the Interview handling techniques.

    A lot depends upon how you present yourself. If you represent yourself in a befitting manner then the chances of rejection of Visa are very slim. Here we help by preparing documentation, giving personalized interview briefing services and taking mock question interviews. We are regularly in touch with the Consulates about the latest Visa documentation and rules; hence, we are always updated with latest developments taking place in this field.

    The special features of our visa cell are:

    1. Expertise in documentation for VISA for all countries.
    2. Assistance to students in VISA applications and procurement through :
    3. Mock Questions and Personal Interview Briefing.
    4. Arranging Finances.
    5. Complete Financial Documentation.
    6. Successful VISA for Rejected cases.
    7. Providing VISA Assistance for all countries.

    We provide you with the details about how to go for the personal interview and how to answer the questions, which are asked by the interviewer. The aspirants are provided with a list of Do’s and Don’ts, as pre and post departure briefing.

    We do the documentation for Visas of all the countries including the appointment scheduling, which takes place in Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai. The Visa documentation includes filing of the Income Tax Returns, Bank Certification, guidance for educational loans and bank finance etc. Other expert staff is constantly at hand to help the aspirants in every way